Niceboard Looker Studio (Data Studio) Connector

Connect Niceboard to Google Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) to automate your reporting and create insightful and actionable dashboards.

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Pricing To Suit The Stage Your Business

Connector prices are based on the plan you choose/have


For a user who needs one to a few connectors, usually for their own needs




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For a user that needs many different connectors. Eg to work with many clients




Niceboard Accounts



For multiple users needing many connectors. Eg staff of an agency with many clients

Coming Soon!




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No credit card required!

How To Get Started?

First Sign Up to a Plan

Choose a Google Account to Sign-Up

Sign up and access to the connector is based on the Google Account used. Make sure you are signed in to the Google account you want to use in the same browser before you click try.

For users that use many Google Accounts in chrome however, it can be tricky to select the account you want to use, if it is not the default account. This is because the current behaviour of Data Studio sends the user to the home screen when they attempt to change their account from the default, using the selector to the top right. The easiest way around this is to make sure to set up a Profile in Chrome for the Google Account you want to use, and switch to that Profile

Screenshot of Looker Studio Authorise Google Account UI showing Authoirse Button encircled with red box
Click the Authorise Button

Click the Authorise Button

For the connector to work, it must be allowed by your Google Account. Clicking the Authorisation button shown will present dialogues in order to achieve this.

Authorise the Connector With Your Google Account

Ensure the Google Account you want to use is presented. Select the account and then allow the permissions.

Select a Plan

Select a Plan

Select the free Solo Plan to get started. You will be able to use this connector or any others that are in early access at no charge, while in early access.

Review Order

Review the order.

Order summary for Solo plan $0.00
Add Your Account Details including First Name, Last name and email

Enter Your Name & Email

Enter your first and last name. The email should be the Google Account you intend to use Data Studio with and will be the main email associated the subscription.

By default the email of the Google Account you used with Looker Studio is populated (if changed it must me an email of a Google Account you intend to use with Looker Studio).

No billing information is required to get started!

Click Subscribe!

Click the subscribe button to get the Solo Plan.

Click subscribe button to complete your order for Solo plan

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