Cin7 Omni Looker Studio Connector

Connect Cin7 Omni to Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) to automate your reporting and create insightful and actionable dashboards.

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Start Making Data Driven Decisions Using The Cin7 Omni Looker Studio Connector

The Cin7 Omni Looker Studio connector (Data Studio connector) allows you to get data from Cin7 Omni into Looker Studio. Including:

Adjustments, Bom Masters, Branches, Branch Transfers, Contacts, Credit Notes, Payments, Product Categories, Product Options, Production Jobs, Products, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Sales Orders, Serial Numbers, Stock, Users and Vouchers.

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How It Works


Sign-Up to a Plan

Sign-up to the Solo Plan using a Google Account. Use the same account to use the Cin7 Omni Looker Studio Connector.

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Connect Cin7 Omni

Authenticate and connect Cin7 Omni Accounts to Looker Studio.


Start Creating Actionable Cin7 Omni Dashboards

Use data from Cin7 Omni to create Actionable Dashboards in Looker Studio.

Pricing To Suit The Stage Your Business

Connector prices are based on the plan you choose/have


For a user who needs one to a few connectors, usually for their own needs




Cin7 Omni Accounts

USD Monthly


For a user that needs many different connectors. Eg to work with many clients




Cin7 Omni Accounts

USD Monthly


For multiple users needing many connectors. Eg staff of an agency with many clients

Coming Soon!






No credit card required!

How To Get Started?

First Sign Up to a Plan

Create a Google Account if You Don't Have One

If you are not signed into a Google account in the browser you are using when you click the Try button, you will be carried to the Looker Studio Overview page.
When you click the USE IT FOR FREE button, you will be presented with Sign in with Google screen. Sign in with a Google Account or click Create account to the bottom of the page to continue to Looker Studio.

Choose a Google Account to Sign-Up

Sign up and access to the connector is based on the Google Account used. Make sure you are signed in to the Google account you want to use in the same browser before you click try.

For users that use many Google Accounts in chrome however, it can be tricky to select the account you want to use, if it is not the default account. This is because the current behaviour of Looker Studio sends the user to the home screen when they attempt to change their account from the default, using the Google Account selector to the top right. The easiest way around this is to make sure to set up a Profile in Chrome for the Google Account you want to use, and switch to that Profile.

Screenshot of Looker Studio Authorise Google Account UI showing Authoirse Button encircled with red box
Click the Authorise Button

Start to Authorise Looker Studio to Use This Connector

In order to get your Cin7 Omni data into Looker Studio, your Google Account must Authorise the Cin7 Omni Looker Studio Connector to connect to Cin7 Omni.

Click the AUTHORISE  button start the process.

Select a Google Account to Authorise the Connector

If the Google Account you want to use is in the list presented, select it. If it is not, select Use another account. This account will be used both to use the Cin7 Omni Looker Studio Connector and Sign-up with a Plan.

Cin7 Google OAuth Continue

Review What is Shared

Review what your Google Account will share with the Cin7 Omni Looker Studio Connector and click the Continue button.

Authorise the Connector

In order to connect your Cin7 Omni data to Looker Studio the Cin7 Omni Looker Studio Connector must be allowed to Connect to an external service.
Click the Allow button to Authorise.

Animated gif showing how to select the Solo Plan
Select a Plan

Select a Plan

  • Select the free Solo Plan to get started.
  • Click Next until the Autorisation screen in presented.
  • Click the AUTHORISE button to begin signing up to the Solo Plan

Review Your Order

Review the order and click Proceed To Checkout.

Your Order: Solo Plan without price. Cin7 Connector showing price and quantity adjustment. "Proceed to Checkout" button.

Enter Your Name

Enter your first and last name.

By default the email of the Google Account you used with Looker Studio is populated (if changed it must me an email of a Google Account you intend to use with Looker Studio).

The email used will also be the main email associated the subscription.

No billing information is required to get started!

Complete You Order!

Click the subscribe button to get the Solo Plan.

Complete your order: Showing total price of $30 and "Subscribe" button to the bottom.

Connect Cin7 Omni to Looker Studio

Get Cin7 Omni API Credentials

Cin7 Omni API credentials are needed to use this connector. In order to get your Cins7 API credentials, an API connection must be created in your Cin7 Omni account.

To setup a Cin7 Omni API Connection

  1. While logged in to your Cin7 Omni account click here to setup an API connection.
  2. Select Add API Connection.
  3. Enter a name for your API connection in the App Name text box, and select Save.
  4. After save, you will see your API Key. Please save this somewhere safe as this will only be shown upon creating/adding an API connection.
  5. Create permissions for the API Connection by selecting Permissions next to the created API connection.
    • Ensure the checkbox for Read permissions for Users is checked. This is used to verify your credentials when connecting Cin7 Omni to Data Studio.
    • Ensure the checkbox for Read permissions for Resources you want to access in Google Data Studio are checked (or trying to get data for those resource will fail).
  6. Have both your App Name and API Key ready for adding your Cin7 Omni account to the Google Data Studio connector.
Animated gif showing adding Cin7 account to Looker Studio by entering Cin7 API credentials into Username and Token fields

Add An Account

  1. Select Add an Account from Connector Management.
  2. Click Next until the Credentials screen is shown.
  3. Enter the App Name into the Username Field.
  4. Enter the API Key into the Token field.
  5. Click Submit.

About Cin7 Omni

Cin7 Omni is a cloud-based inventory management software that helps businesses streamline and automate their inventory control, order management, and fulfillment processes. It integrates with e-commerce platforms, accounting systems, and shipping providers for real-time inventory visibility and synchronization.

About Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) is a visualisation and reporting tool offered by Google. With Looker Studio, users can connect, transform and visualise data from various sources, creating dynamic and interactive reports and dashboards. There is a free and a paid (Pro) version of Looker Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no difference! Google Data Studio is now Looker Studio!

In December 2022, Google renamed “Google Data Studio” to “Looker Studio”. This was done to unify all their business intelligence tools under the Looker brand. So, Looker Studio is essentially the updated and improved version of what was previously known as Data Studio.

Yes. After the initial 14 day trial period of the plan, if there is no payment method, payment will fail and the plan will be automatically canceled. However, if you remove paid connectors from the plan, it will be made active. You can then use Early Access connectors until their status changes.

No there are not. Add as many different connectors as you need. However, after a particular point, it would make more sense cost wise to upgrade to a higher plan. That point would vary depending on the combination of connectors.

Early Access connectors can be used with any plan.

Do you have any questions about the Connector?